Spekulus Bio

Amanda Amorphic
Dan Silenus 

Spekulus formed in late 2006 with Amanda and Dan collaborating on creative thoughts and influences. During their early days, Spekulus' material was largely based around EBM with some side influences from industrial metal. 

The band spent the first few years writing material for what would later became their first album 'Breathplay'. It showed Amanda's new found ability as a vocalist and Dan's skills as a guitar player, mix engineer and producer. The album set Spekulus off in the right direction as a band. Amanda both freely admit that 'Breathplay' was a learning experience for them both. They hold 'Breathplay' close to their hearts for this reason.

Second album ‘Terroristian’ came in 2013. A shift in musical direction, it provided an opportunity for Dan to follow his heart into a more metal sound. Amanda’s vocal roars punctuated the aggressive feel the band had towards society. A grand departure from ‘Breathplay’ but one the band never looked back from.

After brief dalliances with record labels and numerous tours around the country, Spekulus went into hiatus as of 2014 to focus on family life. 

Over the eight years that Spekulus recorded and toured, they had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and fulfilled all of their ambitions. They worked hard for a variety of charities and gave opportunities to young musicians who needed live experience. 

Spekulus would like to thank every one who ever attended a show, bought anything, offered support or took time to sit and drink with us. We will return.
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